Shipping & Delivery

Your Fons will be delivered to your door in a specially for Fons made, transport box. It's also possible to pick up your Fons in the showroom.

A Fons is especially made for you in your chosen colour and parts. This process will take a bit more time than an off the shelf bike does, which means we have a delivery time of four to six weeks. We keep you up to date with your Fons' manufacturing process so you know when your Fons is made, painted and ready for shipment. Once your Fons is ready for shipment you can expect it home or at the showroom within 48 hours. If you choose to have your Fons bike delivered to the showroom, we can have it adjusted for you by one of our experts. If you choose to have it delivered at home, it'll be 99% ready for riding. Just mount the pedals, adjust the seat height and tighten the handlebar bolts. All very easy and straightforward and off you go!