Why a road bike exclusively for women? Because it's about time!The group of female cyclists grows every year. The rides women take part in impose higher demands on the cyclists and their equipment but still women don't get taken seriously at their local bicycle shop. The choices for men are endless while the choice for women remain limited. Often you end up with a smaller bike with some purple, pink or light green colour accents. Of course, there's nothing wrong with these colours but why are the choices so limited? Even the women's road bikes with a so called female geometry seem to be made for women with supermodel bodies, long legs with a short upper body. If you look at the scientific statistics, it turns out to be the opposite.

We at Fons are convinced that we can design better bikes by focusing only on the female cyclist and her specific needs and demands. We are not satisfied with the industry's 'shrink it and pink it' method but like to focus on the individual wishes of each cyclist.

When we started designing our bikes, we didn't take the easy route. Because we think our bikes should be suitable for each and every woman, we have worked intensively with cyclists from many countries with different backgrounds. We have looked at enthusiastic female cyclists who climb the Alpe d'Huez eight times and at women who ride 300km at high speed in a group of men but also at women who like to ride with friends or like to go on cycle holidays.

At Fons we'd like to give women more than just a smaller bike with predefined colours, we'd like to give every woman with a passion for cycling the opportunity to choose a road bike that suits her, in technology as well as colour. We at Fons like to assist you in finding your ideal road bike. In our configurator, the options are endless to design your own, enjoy! 

You can already own a Fons from €1995