These were the focal points when we were in the design phase and it's worked! The Fons Strada and the Fons Strada Disco give you an immediate confidence in your bike. This is due to the sporty but solid character of the frame. The exclusive design and carbon lay-up create more stiffness where needed and more comfort wherever possible, therefore you can have safer, faster and more fun bike rides!

A Fons is the perfect climbing bike due to its light weight and an even better descender due to its rigidity and reliable steering behaviour. This makes this road bike perfect for long rides but also for rides in the hills and mountains. Thanks to the design of the rear triangle and the use of a more flexible seat post (27.2mm) a Fons is also very comfortable on the less maintained roads we encounter in everyday life. We have created enough space in the frame design for modern wider tyres which not only reduce rolling resistance but also increase your comfort and grip. If you choose a wider tyre, you have less chance of punctures but it also increases the grip in corners even in bad weather. You are always welcome in our showroom to see for yourself!


Both the Fons Strada and the Fons Strada Disco have the same geometry and control features. The difference is in the brakes. You can choose the brakes in our configurator. The Fons Strada has conventional brakes but with the Fons Strada Disco you can take advantage of the latest disc brake technology.