The Fons Strada and the Fons Strada Disco are designed as true all round road bikes for women. We think it's not necessary to have a bike for each occasion. The exclusive design and specific carbon lay-up create more stiffness where it's needed and more comfort where possible. This allows you to have safer, faster and more enjoyable journeys! A Fons is the perfect bike for climbing due to its light weight and an even better descender due to the rigidity and reliable steering behaviour.

Every Fons comes with a standard gear ratio for all round use. For the technicians among us: compact crank with long caged rear derailleur and 11-28 cassette but of course we can customise this for you at no extra cost.

The Fons is a great road bike for long, flat rides as well as for rides in the hills and mountains.

Every Fons Strada and Fons Strada Disco have fast 28mm wide tyres but on the Fons Strada Disco you have the option to have tyres fitted up to 30mm in width. This gives you the ability to ride on not very well maintained roads and even dirt roads!


The Fons Strada and Fons Strada Disco are both light carbon road bikes and very suitable for mountain climbing. The Fons Strada Disco is exceptionally suitable for safe and rapid descends thanks to its disc brakes. The road holding and steering behaviour of both models make it possible to steer smoothly and easily through even the sharpest hairpin bends.

If you're aiming to go on some challenging rides in the Alps or Dolomites for example, you can easily replace the cassette at a local bike shop for an even lighter gearing. Upon request we will simply add this cassette or we will assemble it for you on your Fons!

Of course you can also opt for super light carbon wheels from Scope to make your hill climbs a quicker and lighter experience.

We're happy to discuss all the options for your Fons as there are more possibilities than the ones on the configurator available. Don't hesitate to contact us for your queries or simply make an appointment to visit our showroom, there we can help you design your Fons!